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Well worth the international shipping! Products are of amazing quality and the price couldn't be better.

Alex F

I ordered 5 (Quantum Pendants)... 4 for each son and one for myself. They are made with all the detail shown. They are quite mystical. Each one of us share similar stories when we have them on. Peace & serenity.


Amazing. I was skeptical at first and bought this essentially to disprove that it worked. But after wearing it for 3 days my migraine headaches have gotten better and I am sleeping much more restfully. (Quantum Pendants)

Tod. H

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The Rose of Jericho, an abundance manifesting plant that can not die!

The Rose of Jericho, an abundance manifesting plant that can not die!

The Rose of Jericho is an everlasting plant with mystical qualities.  For centuries, it has been used to erase negative influences, bring peace, harmony and abundance. It is believed that it will help in returning your good deeds when they are propagated with faith and love.

Quantum Pendant Science Explained

Quantum Pendant Science Explained

Negative ions DONATE an electron to help destabilized atoms such as free radicals become neutral again. A neutral charge is important because it allows our body function at its highest capacity without inflammation and disease.This is the same reason salt lamps are good for your health. Meanwhile positive ions actually steal electrons thus adding entropy to a biological system and causing disharmony and disruptions such as cancer and DNA damage. Your body can't accept any extra electrons than it can carry, but it can always lose electrons.
And that's exactly how negative ions act like a supplement, they literally replace electrons in your body that were lost due to sources of harmful radiation. They re-stabilize the body's charge balance.You would get a dose of these sort of negatively charged electrons by standing next to a moving body of water such as the ocean or a waterfall. This pendant is able to simulate these naturally created electrons.

This is why you have to GROUND yourself by walking barefoot! Cancer rates went up dramatically after the invention of rubber soles which cause the body to build up a positive charge, which is normally dispersed into the earth through the feet. Mother earth constantly emits negative ions and this is part of the reason our planet is habitable!


Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. Obsidian is produced when felsic lava extruded from a volcan...